Company has potential solution to algae issue in Charlie Lake

first_imgCHARLIE LAKE, B.C. – Blue-green algae is now plaguing Charlie Lake but there could be a solution.Earlier this week, Northern Health issued a public advisory saying that the algae can cause a number of health issues if drank, or swam in.When Northern Health was contacted, they said they weren’t going to do anything about the algae in the lake, they also said they haven’t even tested the algae for toxins.- Advertisement -The Ministry of Environment also gave the same response when asked if anything would be done to clean up the lake.However, there is a solution out there to clean up the lake and while it will cost money, it could help long-term.Dirty Dirt Services has a “super pond clarifier” that is a treatment plan done over 3 summers. Results do start immediately, as soon as 18 days.Advertisement Will McInnes says that they are willing to use the treatment on Charlie Lake. It does come at a cost of around half-a-million. He said he has had interest from people who are willing to help pay for the project already. He said the project could be paid for, and the funds recouped afterwards.The formula is non-toxic and would not hurt fish or humans.McInnes says he wants to raise public awareness to the issue, and that something can be done.last_img

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