El Rayo pulls the bench and goes back to a Logroño with ten

first_imgGood football and many goals. Show in Vallecas. Lightning pulled the bench before Logroño and signed a great comeback thanks to the goals of Bulatovic, Altuve and Iris. The Rioja team made a very good first half and went 0-2 (Ida Guehai and Dorine) on the scoreboard, but ended up paying face Carol’s expulsion and the missed penalty.The Logroño jumped to the grass of the Rayo Vallecano Sports City with clear ideas: ball possession and attacks looking for Jade and Ida Guehai. Six minutes were enough to give his first warning, a double occasion saved by Larqué, first and Carla Guerrero, then. Those of Gregorio León They sent and wanted the three points. So, in 11 ‘, Santana He starred in a great arrival on the right and crashed the ball into the crossbar. The next to try his luck was Jade: a cross shot well cleared by the goalkeeper Franjirroja. The Ray lived its worst moment and Logroño, the best. That’s why he found the prize. Quick exit, in-depth Jade pass and spectacular definition of Ida Guehai after leaving Andújar behind. It was minute 35 and the redheads had shown little opposition. For more inri, in 48 ‘, Dorine took advantage of a ball hung on a side foul to put the 0-2 with an unstoppable stub. Lightning made water. Carol, two yellow in a minuteHowever, the match changed in the 57th minute. Carol was ejected for a yellow double (56 ‘and 57’) after two hard innings. At that time, Carlos Santiso gave entrance to Sheila and Bulatovic, One of the great protagonists of the second part. The Montenegrin received a pass from Carla Guerrero from the defensive line and defined before Johansen line With a subtle touch. Seven minutes later, Bulatovic herself won the bottom line and Served a ball in tray to Altuve, who put the 2-2 in the electronic in the 69 ‘. The Logroño, with ten, sought the reaction and caused a penalty. Jade threw it. Larqué stopped him. The red-haired goalkeeper is in a state of spectacular shape. It was the 76th minute and there was time for more.The Lightning understood and threw himself for the three points. In 87 ‘, Saray saw the unchecking of Iris, who had jumped on the grass shortly before, and the Madrid resolved the meeting with a sensational shot. Little was played in the final stretch of a match that ended with nine reprimands and an expulsion. The franjirrojo team pulled the bench and won. Ray’s first victory in 2020. Joy continues installed in Vallecas.Lightning 3-2 LogroñoVallecano Ray: Larqué; Auñón, Guerrero, Andújar (Saray, 66 ‘), Eva Alonso, Sáez; Chule (Bulatovic, 57 ‘), Pilar García, Paula Fernández (Sheila, 57’); Oviedo (Iris, 81 ‘) and Altuve.EDF Logroño: Johansen; Santana, Raquel (Nagela, 76 ‘), Dorine, Leti; Chini, Silvia Ruiz; Neném (Freitas, 72 ‘), Carol, Jade and Guehai.Goals: 0-1 (35 ‘): Ida Guehai. 0-2 (48 ‘): Dorine. 1-2 (62 ‘): Bulatovic. 2-2 (69 ‘): Altuve. 3-2 (87 ‘): Iris.Referee: Sanchez Miguel He admonished Rachel (25 ‘), Chule (33’), Dorine (54 ‘), Carol (56’ and 57 ‘), Ida Gueahi (59’), Nagela (85 ‘), Altuve (90 + 2’), Sáez (90 + 4 ‘).Field: Rayo Vallecano Sports City.last_img

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