Unemployed Nova Scotians Connected to Good Jobs Experience

first_imgNova Scotians who want good jobs but need experience are getting the help they need with a new hiring incentive program. Minister of Labour and Advanced Education Marilyn More launched the START program in Bridgewater today, Oct. 26, with workers, apprentices and employers. It connects Nova Scotians looking for work with employers willing to give them the jobs, experience and training they need. “We have hundreds of workers who are ready to take advantage of some of the most exciting opportunities in our province’s history, but don’t have experience,” said Marilyn More. “We need to keep our workers here at home, and Nova Scotia’s employers can help by giving them the experience they need to build a life and career here.” START is a $3.5-million investment in Nova Scotia’s workers that will help young people, recent graduates, apprentices and Nova Scotians who have been out of the workforce get good jobs. START will also provide employers with the information and confidence to hire Nova Scotians from under-represented groups. “In these changing economic times, I am finding it more difficult to find the right employees to fill the good jobs I have to offer,” said Ron Anaka, owner of the Bridgewater Canadian Tire. “It is programs like these that provide employers like myself with the support we need to find the right employees that will help us grow our businesses and become more competitive.” Employers will be offered varied financial incentives to help ease the cost of hiring a new employee, and help cover costs such as training and wages. “This is another step in the right direction to get our workforce ready for the opportunities available today, and will increase as we begin to build the world’s best navy ships,” said Ms. More. “Working together, we can build a competitive workforce that Nova Scotians and their families are proud to be part of.” For more information about the program and how to apply, visit www.business.novascotia.ca .last_img read more

Moroccan Immigrant in Rome Stabs Man Wearing Crucifix

Rabat – A 37-year-old Moroccan man stabbed a 44-year-old homeless Georgian national in the throat on Saturday, June 8, at Rome’s central Termini station. The victim was wearing a crucifix around his neck.The suspect shouted insults at the Georgian before stabbing him and attempting to slit his throat, Il Giornale reports. The suspect then attempted to flee the scene but only managed to make it a few steps before being detained and arrested.“Everything took place in a few moments,” one witness explained. “The Georgian got off the bus and was heading towards the metro station in Piazza dei Cinquecento on the Via Giolitti side when the Moroccan joined him and attacked him,” he added. The Moroccan man is being accused of attempted homicide with “religious hate” being an “aggravating factor.”Read Also: Muslim Council of Britain Calls for Islamophobia Investigation into Government PartyThe incident caused Italy’s far-right Interior Minister and Deputy Premier Matteo Salvini to increase security measures. In a letter, Salvini called for an “increase [of] checks and attention in places of aggregation of Islamic citizens in order to prevent any type of violence against innocent citizens.”The approach Salvini has taken to increase security measures to counter radical Islam is a controversial topic, with many people arguing that it is discriminatory to single out Muslims for security checks.News of the incident is circulating on anti-terrorism sites alongside a direct quote from the Qu’ran taken out of its context, “When you meet the unbelievers, strike the necks…” (Qur’an 47:4).Giorgia Meloni, leader of the conservative-populist Brothers of Italy made a vitriolic comment against Muslims on social media. In her remark, she said, “If Muslims think of bringing the holy war into our house, it is time to take drastic measures: it remains only to block any kind of Islamic immigration until these ideas are clarified,” she said.Muslims represent the second largest religious community in Italy, with approximately 1.4 million practicing Muslims in 2017 (3,1 percent of the whole Italian population).Read also: London Immigration ‘Allowed’ Moroccan to Commit Suicide Instead of Deportation read more