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Police Department and the Indiana State Police to check a report that Ruby had been connected with Communist Party activities in Muncie in the 1940s The Commission drew a blank When Ruby was arrested in Dallas after he shot Oswald he had in his possession radio scripts from ultraconservative Texas Billionaire H L Hunt’s Life Line radio program This of course led to reports that Ruby had been involved in a rightist plot against Kennedy; the Warren Commission found no grounds whatever for such a notion There were reports that Oswald had been seen in Ruby’s clubs The Commission patiently chased down and canceled out each story In answer to another rumor came this Commission statement: “The Commission has investigated rumors that Jack Ruby and Lee Harvey Oswald were both homosexuals and thus might have known each other in that respect However no evidence has been uncovered to support the rumors the closest acquaintances of both men emphatically deny them and Ruby’s nightclubs were not known to have been frequented by homosexuals” Among the Commission’s conclusions: “Ruby was regarded by most persons who knew him as moody and unstablehardly one to have encouraged the confidence of persons involved in a sensitive conspiracy” “Speculations & Rumors” “Myths have traditionally surrounded the dramatic assassinations of history” writes the Warren Commission in its Appendix XII titled “Speculations and Rumors” The report continues: “The rumors and theories about the assassination of Abraham Lincoln that are still being publicized were for the most part bruited within months of his death Wherever there is any element of mystery in such dramatic events misconceptions often result from sensational speculations” In its probe into the assassination of President Kennedy the Commission found that “many questions have been raised about the facts out of genuine puzzlement or because of misinformation which attended the early reporting of the fast-crowding events” The Commission says: “Throughout the country people reported overheard remarks conversations threats prophecies and opinions that seemed to them to have a possible bearing on the assassination More than a few informants initially told their speculations or professed firsthand information to newspaper and television reporters Later many of them changed or retracted their stories in telling them to official investigators” In short the Warren Commission saw it as its duty not only to report what did happen relating to the Kennedy assassination but also what did not Appendix XII goes on for 32 pages first citing phony rumors and bad speculations then citing the Commission’s findings that knock down the rumors and speculations THE SOURCE OF THE SHOTS Gossip has persisted that one or all of the shots were fired not from the Texas School Book Depository building where the fact of Oswald’s presence is undisputed but from the railroad overpass that the presidential cavalcade was approaching This would tend to prove either that 1) Oswald in the School Book Depository building was innocent since the shots had come from the overpass; or 2) Oswald in the School Book Depository building had an accomplice on the overpass If the shots had come from the School Book Depository building they would have hit the President and Governor Connally from behind (which they did) If any of the shots had come from the overpass the victims would have been hit from in front Excerpts from the Commission report: “SpeculationThe shots that killed the President came from the railroad overpass “Commission findingThe shots that entered the neck and head of the President and wounded Governor Connally came from behind and above There is no evidence that any shots were fired at the President from anywhere other than the Texas School Book Depository building “SpeculationThe railroad overpass was left unguarded on Nov 22 “Commission findingOn Nov 22 the railroad overpass was guarded by two Dallas policemen Patrolmen J W Foster and J C White who have testified that they permitted only railroad personnel on the overpass “SpeculationThe presidential car had a small round bullet hole in the front windshield This is evidence that a shot or shots were fired at the President from the front of the car “Commission findingThe windshield was not penetrated by any bullet A small residue of lead was found on the inside surface of the windshield; on the outside of the windshield was a very small pattern of cracks immediately in front of the lead residue on the inside The bullet from which this lead residue came was probably one of those that struck the President and therefore came from overhead and to the rear Experts established that the abrasion in the wind shield came from impact on the inside of the glass” COULD HE OR COULDN’T HE Says the Commission: “Speculations tending to support the theory that Oswald could not have assassinated President Kennedy are based on a wide variety of assertions” “SpeculationOswald could not have known the motorcade route before he arrived at work on Nov 22 “Commission findingThe motorcade route was published in both Dallas papers on Nov 19 “SpeculationOswald spent the morning of Nov 22 in the company of other workers in the building and remained with them until they went downstairs to watch the President go by no later probably than 12:15 “Commission findingOswald did not spend the morning in the company of other workers in the building and before the assassination he was last seen in the building on the sixth floor at about 11:55 am by Charles Givens another employee “SpeculationIt is probable that the chicken lunch remains of which were found on the sixth floor was eaten by an accomplice of Oswald who had hidden on the sixth floor overnight “Commission findingThe chicken lunch had been eaten shortly after noon on Nov 22 by Bonnie Ray Williams an employee of the Texas School Book Depository who after eating his lunch went to the fifth floor where he was when the shots were fired “SpeculationA picture published widely in newspapers and magazines after the assassination showed Lee Harvey Oswald standing on the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository shortly before the President’s motorcade passed by “Commission findingThe man on the front steps of the building thought or alleged by some to be Lee Harvey Oswald is actually Billy Lovelady an employee of the Texas School Book Depository who somewhat resembles Oswald Lovelady has identified himself in the picture and other employees of the Depository standing with him as shown in the picture have verified that he was the man in the picture and that Oswald was not there” OSWALD IN RUSSIA Says the Commission: “Oswald’s residence in the Soviet Union for more than 2½ years aroused speculation after his arrest that he was an agent of the Soviet Union or in some way affiliated with it This speculation was supported by assertions that he had received exceptionally favored treatment from the Soviet Government in securing permission to enter and leave the country especially the latter because his Russian wife and child were permitted to leave with him” “SpeculationIt is probable that Oswald had prior contacts with Soviet agents before he entered Russia in 1959 because his application for a visa was processed and approved immediately on receipt “Commission findingThere is no evidence that Oswald was in touch with Soviet agents before his visit to Russia Had Oswald been recruited as a Russian agent while he was still in the Marines it is most improbable that he would have been encouraged to defect He would have been of greater value to Russian intelligence as a Marine radar operator than as a defector “SpeculationOswald was trained by the Russians in a special school for assassins at Minsk “Commission findingCommission investigations revealed no evidence to support this claim or the existence of such a school in Minsk during the time Oswald was there” (In an earlier section of its report the Commission says: “The CIA has informed the Commission that it is in possession of considerable information on the location of secret Soviet training institutions and it knows of no such institution in or near Minsk during the time Oswald was there”) Lessons to Be Learned Pondering how tragedy could have been avoided the Warren Commission found serious lapses in security and sense The report faults the FBI for failure to issue warnings about Oswald after his return from Russia It charges the Dallas Police Department with several ineptitudes including “the security breakdown which led to Oswald’s death” It accuses the horde of “news media” people who descended on Dallas after Kennedy’s assassination of helping create the chaos that made Oswald’s death possible But the Commission saves its sharpest criticism for the federal agency whose specific duty it is to protect the life of the President: the US Secret Service The commissioners compliment Secret Service agents for their courage under fire in Dallas agree that some of the agency’s advance security precautions were “thorough and well executed” But in the Secret Service’s most important jobthat of identifying and thwarting potential assassinsthe Commission declares the agency to be “seriously deficient” Incredible as it may seem the Secret Service did not inspect the Texas School Book Depository before President Kennedy’s visit did not know that Oswald worked there did not even know who Oswald was “Unduly Restrictive View” The Secret Service has 50000 cases on file almost all involving persons who have by word or in writing over the last 20 years expressed direct threats against the life of a President The White House mail room is a prime source for the file and the list is loaded with harmless crackpots The Service tries to keep surveillance over about 100 people who are considered to be “serious risks” to the President; of these between twelve and 15 are especially dangerous because they have no fixed address When Kennedy was assassinated no one from the Dallas-Fort Worth area was on the Secret Service’s “serious risk” list The FBI had a bulky folder on Oswald but it did not bother to tip off the Secret Service Says the Commission: “The FBI had no official responsibility under the Secret Service criteria existing at the time of the President’s trip to refer to the Secret Service the information it had about Oswald The Commission has concluded however that the FBI took an unduly restrictive view of its role in preventive intelligence work prior to the assassination” Adds the Commission: “The Secret Service and the FBI differ as to whether Oswald fell within the category of ‘threats against the President’ which should be referred to the Service” Divided Responsibility Liaison between the Secret Service and the Dallas police was also faulty Says the Commission: “At the time of the trip to Dallas the Secret Service as a matter of practice did not investigate or cause to be checked any building located along the motorcade route to be taken by the President The responsibility for observing windows in these buildings during the motorcade was divided between local police stationed on the streets to regulate crowds and Secret Service agents riding in the motorcade The Commission has concluded that these arrangements during the trip to Dallas were clearly not sufficient” In rebuttal Secret Service Chief James J Rowley testified that an inspection of many blocks of tall buildings is “not practical” But the Commission contends that “an attempt to cover only the most obvious points of possible ambush along the route in Dallas might well have included the Texas School Book Depository Building” Liquor & Late Hours In the early morning hours of the assassination day nine of the 28 agents on the Kennedy tour committed what the Commission calls “a breach of discipline” Secret Service regulations specify that any agent working in connection with a presidential trip is considered on duty at all times Such agents are forbidden to drink beer wine or liquor But the Commission says: “After the President had retired to his hotel nine agents who were off duty went to the nearby Fort Worth Press Club at midnight or slightly thereafter expecting to obtain food; they had had little opportunity to eat during the day No food was available at the Press Club All of the agents stayed for a drink of beer or in several cases a mixed drink According to their affidavits the drinking in no case amounted to more than three glasses of beer or 1½ mixed drinks and others who were present say that no agent was inebriated or acted improperly “The last agent left the Press Club by 2 am Two of the nine agents returned to their rooms The seven others proceeded to an establishment called the Cellar Coffee House described by some as a beatnik place There is no indication that any of the agents had any intoxicating drink at that establishment Most of the agents were there from about 1:30 or 1:45 am to about 2:45 or 3 am; one agent was there from 2 until 5 am “Each of the agents had duty assignments beginning no later than 8 am that morning In Dallas one of the nine agents was assigned to assist in security measures at Love Field and four had protective assignments at the Trade Mart The remaining four had key responsibilities as members of the complement of the followup car in the motorcade [the car behind the President’s] Three of these agents occupied positions on the running boards of the car and the fourth was seated in the car” Under agency regulations Chief Rowley could have fired the men”However” says the Commission “he felt that any disciplinary action might have given rise to an inference that the violation of the regulation had contributed to the tragic events of November 22 Since he was convinced this was not the case he believed that it would be unfair to the agents and their families to take explicit disciplinary measures” To which the Commission commented: “It is conceivable that those men who had little sleep and who had consumed alcoholic beverages even in limited quantities might have been more alert in the Dallas motorcade if they had retired promptly in Fort Worth However there is no evidence that these men failed to take any action in Dallas within their power that would have averted the tragedy” Experimenting with Risk The Commission recommends a thorough overhaul of the Secret Service It urges that the agency aggressively seek information about potential dangers to the President instead of waiting for tips to dribble in It suggests that the agency should make trade agreements to swap information with all other federal security agencies and that it should work more closely with local police departments It also urges Congress to pass a law making assassination of a President or Vice President a federal offense so that the FBI could bring its full forces to bear immediately and prevent any of the Texas-type “embarrassment and confusion” that can result when local police take charge Actually the Secret Service has been streamlined somewhat since Nov 22 It has taken on experts in such fields as psychiatry and data processing is experimenting with methods of ascertaining which big buildings present the greatest risks along a proposed presidential motorcade route It has equipped the presidential limousine with an optional bubble top that can deflect anything except a shot coming in at a 90 angle (the bubble top that Kennedy rejected was not bulletproof) The Warren Commission also suggests that the Secret Service which has been a stepchild of the Treasury Department ever since it began as an anti-counterfeiting force a century ago be put under the general supervision of a committee of top Cabinet members or the National Security Council Realizing that the Secret Service is overworked undermanned and paid less than the FBI the Warren Commission endorses a plan to boost the agency’s budget and swell its force by more than 200 men Contact us at [email protected] The Supreme Court of India restoredcriminal conspiracy charges against senior BJP leaders LK Advani Uma Bharti and Murli Manohar Joshi regarding the demolition of the Babri Masjid in Ayodhya in 1992 However the then Uttar Pradesh chief minister Kalyan Singh has been granted Constitutional immunity since he is now governor of Rajasthan Kalyan Singh can only face trial after he ceases to hold the gubernatorial post Political leaders from across the spectrum spoke out about the decision their opinions ranging from support to cautious pragmatism Here’s a selection of the immediate reactions: Reacting to the Supreme Court’s decision to try Union minister Uma Bharti Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley said that the case has been going on since 1993 and the apex court’s decision won’t change the status quo Jaitley’s statement more or less dismissed any discussion about Bharti’s resignation Jaitley sarcastically also added that if a chargesheet is all that is needed for a resignation then careers of many Congress leaders including several chief ministers would have been extinct Congress spokesperson Sanjay Jha asked for Uma Bharti to step down from the Narendra Modi-led central government on "moral" grounds This is a huge thing how can @umasribharti morally continue after court has asked for a trial in Babri case: @JhaSanjay to CNN-News18 — News18 (@CNNnews18) April 19 2017 @[email protected] BJP will make ensure that @umasribharti does not resign from the Union Minister position: @JhaSanjay to CNN-News18 on Babri Demolition Case — News18 (@CNNnews18) April 19 2017 Shiv Sena’s Sanjay Raut however said the government should immediately withdraw the chargesheet since it doesn’t go with the idea of building a Ram temple at the disputed site Govt should withdraw chargesheet How can on one hand you do this and then talk of building Ram Mandir: Sanjay RautShiv Sena #BabriMasjid pictwittercom/y1ilBphvJF — ANI (@ANI_news) April 19 2017 BJP leader Vinay Katiyar however said the question of resignation doesn’t arise so early calling the charges "baseless" He also said he is "ready to go toas long as the temple gets built soon @umasribharti @JhaSanjay @INCIndia @GVLNRAO Why should leaders like @umasribharti resign from Union Minister position these all are baseless charges:BJP MP Vinay Katiyar to CNN-News18 pictwittercom/42KtQELIfr — News18 (@CNNnews18) April 19 2017 @[email protected]@[email protected]#BabriCase — We want Ram Mandir to be built soon; ready to go to jail for the temple: BJP MP Vinay Katiyar to CNN-News18 — News18 (@CNNnews18) April 19 2017 BJP spokesperson GVL Narsimha Rao said the party will "study" the court order before making further comments @umasribharti @JhaSanjay #BabriCase | I want @INCIndia to know that Sonia and Rahul Gandhi are also undergoing trial and they are out on bail: @GVLNRAO to CNN-News18 — News18 (@CNNnews18) April 19 2017 @[email protected]@[email protected] BJP will study the court order on LK Advani @umasribharti & MM Joshi; till then we can’t say anything: @GVLNRAO to CNN-News18 on #BabriCase — News18 (@CNNnews18) April 19 2017 BJP leader Kailash Vijayvargiya echoed these thoughts saying the party will not act against its leaders but instead adopt a wait and watch approach "We will discuss the issue but I don’t think we need to take action against our leaders" Vijayvargiya said speaking about the charges against Uma Bharti and LK Advani RJD supremo Lalu Prasad Yadav welcoming the court’s decision saidAdvani’s Presidential aspirations are as good as done "Advani is now out of race for the President’s post He was projected as a strong candidate for the top constitutional post but it is not possible anymore? is a lot less entertaining and a lot more obscure than that. "I’d say the main significance of this result is that it’s a GRB, the leaders of the Socialists and Democrats in the European Parliament, the Ohio Legislature hurriedly placed a measure, In August,com. Weve had some great nights at the Ricoh too. Gilby, P.

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