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first_img[dropcap]I[/dropcap] watched ‘Juno’ tonight and it inspired me to compile the following list.My Top-Ten Favourite Films (with a little bit of cheating for number 10):1= Schindler’s List (Oscar = my life-hero)1= Goodfellas (grafters galore)3 Casablanca (Rik = Not-Staff)4 Jaws (love the old fisherman dude + watch most NY Eves)5 Harry Brown (naff adjective, but ‘real’)6 The Secret in their Eyes (Spanish. Deep and eerie)7 Wall Street (couldn’t live without GG)8 Juno (favourite cutting comedy)9 Match Point (clever and had to namecheck Woody Allen)10= Rain Man (intense)‎/ A Rather English Marriage ( Albert Finney = world-class)/ Seven (top thriller)What have I forgotten? Sleepers, Casino and Broken Embraces ‎all just missed the cut. But hang on a minute, HOW, have I left out Clint Eastwood? He rarely makes a bad film, but has he ever made an absolute cracker?? I think I just need to rip this list up and start again..! What do you think, Blog??In other news:Cau, 33 High Street, Wimbledon, SW19 5BY (WEB SITE). I rarely eat steak, but it is excellent here. The music was a bit too loud. Excellent chunky-chips, and don’t miss all the naughty sides. A v good shout for post Wimbledon Dogs. 7.5Over and out, B xlast_img

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