Jayne Herrera Beutler smashes a lob out of reach to local GOP

first_imgIt was like a tennis match. A hopelessly one-sided tennis match, with Jaime Herrera Beutler playing the role of Serena Williams and the Clark County Republican Party looking like a weekend recreational player.Not that the Republican Congresswoman should have even been in this contest to begin with. But when the local GOP served up an amateurish lob, well, she was compelled to smash it out of reach. Consider Herrera Beutler’s retort when threatened with censure by her own party: “A movement can’t grow if it is more concerned with burning heretics than winning converts,” she wrote in a letter. The conservative representative had been accused of, well, not being conservative enough, and her response was a 140 mph smash that the local GOP couldn’t even see whiz past. Then again, they often are blinded by their own intransigence.Keep in mind, this is a group that in 2013 chastised Herrera Beutler after she correctly criticized Congressional Republicans for shutting down the federal government. Keep in mind, this is a group that currently is firing spitballs at Clark County Auditor Greg Kimsey — another Republican — for his actions leading up to the vote on the county charter. Apparently not content to support members of their party who easily win elections, the Clark County crusaders embark on missions to burn the heretics.Look at the complaints the local GOP lobbed toward Herrera Beutler. “Please understand, we receive no satisfaction from disciplining one of our own,” read the letter the party sent to her. “However, silence is acceptance, and we cannot accept your poor voting record; therefore, we cannot remain silent. We hope this will cause you to reflect upon your actions . . .” All that was missing was a threat to send her to her room without dinner.last_img

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