Amazon Cloud Player introduces 25 yearly subscriptions

first_imgAmazon and Google have been battling back and forth for a long time now in the cloud services game. Both companies offer cloud storage as well as music, movies, and books that are all available to you at all times with an Internet connection. Now both companies have WiFi-only tablets that are being used to harness those services where each company’s offering is slightly different in one way or another. Most likely due to the massive costs associated with the service, Amazon is going to start charging for their music storage locker service today.The Amazon Cloud Player service allows users to upload their music to the Amazon servers and access those songs from just about any device with an Internet connection. Starting today, however, the services will be limiting the number of songs you can store for free to 250. After that 250 song limit, you will need to purchase a yearly subscription plan (called Cloud Player Premium) to take full advantage of the service. For $25 per year, your account with Amazon doesn’t have to change at all if you are an avid user of the service.Since everything you purchase from the Amazon music store doesn’t count against your storage limit, many users may not feel the need to pay the yearly subscription. Anyone who takes advantage of the upgrade before the existing subscription ends will be given an extra 50GB of Amazon Cloud Storage, which can be used for just about anything. While the $25 per year subscription is a drop in the bucket for anyone looking to store a massive audio collection online, services like Google Music remain free to upload songs.Whether or not Amazon has made this decision due to a volume storage expense is unclear. The Amazon Cloud Player is a great service, and Amazon supplements it well by offering a great selection of digital music through their music store. Just to maintain the competitive advantage, I wouldn’t be surprised if Google keeps their service free for now, as these two companies continue to fight for market share in the cloud.last_img

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