A day at the marsh and more

first_imgNorthern shrike  in Wilton. All the small birds scattered when the predatory shrike arrived. (Photo by Tom Oliver)Song sparrow in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)Fox sparrow in Wilton. (Photo by Tom Oliver)Dark-eyed junco in Wilton.  (Photo by Tom Oliver)Deer feeding at a farm in Stratton. They ring a bell about 3 p.m. every day and the deer come running to eat the corn. We saw about 50 deer eating corn that day. You have to stay in the car and there is a donation box to help pay for the corn they feed the deer. Hope you post this so other people can enjoy this feeding of the deer. (Photo by Jim Dwinal)Deer feeding in Stratton. (Photo by Jim Dwinal)Through the fog, a flock of Canada geese trying to keep it together as they come down after a long night’s flight.  (Photo by Pat Blanchard)Another cheerful sign.  (Photo by Pat Blanchard)A common redpoll braving Monday’s wind storm. (Photo by Laura Ganz)Tree topper for Easter. This “Treetop Cross” was noticed in my backyard a year ago and has withstood all the storms since. It has kept our hopes up during this pandemic. (Photo by Nick DeMillo)Two turkeys pushing each other back and forth. (Photo by Bernadette Harvell)A common goldeneye at Scarborough marsh. (Photo by Jim Knox )An American black duck flying over Scarborough marsh. (Photo by Jim Knox )A male red-breasted merganser at Scarborough marsh. (Photo by Jim Knox)A female red-breasted merganser. (Photo by Jim Knox)A blue bird with an attitude at Scarborough marsh. (Photo by Jim Knox )First spring crocus beauties snuggled up against a wall. (Photo by Jane Knox)last_img

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