first_imgFOOTNOTE: ATTACHED IS A LINK OF LESS THAN ATTRACTIVE HOMES OWNED BY HOPE OF EVANSVILLE[Untitled]FacebookTwitterCopy LinkEmail By Jessica Costello | January 23, 2020, at 5:29 PM CST – Updated January 23 at 6:19 PM POSTED BELOW ARE A FEW PICTURES OF HOMES LOCATED IN THE NORTH MAIN STREET AND JIMTOWN AREAS ARE WAITING FOR THE WASTEFUL  SPENDING PRACTICES  OF THE EVANSVILLE DMD AND THE EVANSVILLE REDEVELOPMENT COMMISSION. EVANSVILLE, Ind. (WFIE) – A complete rehabilitation to a home at 101 East Tennessee was approved on Thursday by the Board of Public Works. A COLLAGE OF DILAPIDATED HOMES OF THE NORTH MAIN STREET AND JIMTOWN AREAOver the last several months we have been questioning the wisdom or the lack of wisdom of those who are in charge of improving the housing stock in the North Main and Jimtown areas.  All we hear from the DMD, Evansville Redevelopment Commission and Hope Of Evansville is how they are striving to bring move affordable, safe, liveable and energy inefficient housing to the Jimtown and North Main areas.LINK TO CHANNEL 14 TV STORY ABOUT THE HUD FUNDED HOUSE LOCATED AT 101 EAST TENNESSEE STREET A $240,000 grant agreement between Hope of Evansville and the EVANSVILLE DMD will completely rehabilitate the abandoned home. https://www.14news.com/2020/01/23/k-home-rehabilitation-project-approved/FOOTNOTE: This soon to be renovated HUD-funded rehabilitation house located at 101 East Tennesse Street, Evansville, Ind. has no front door, no gutters, and a crumbling brick foundation. Permission to use this link was given to the City-County Observer by TV Channel 14 news. Please click the attached link below to get an idea of how the HUD’S HOME Rehabilitation program fleeces the taxpayers.We give five (5) cheers to Channel 14 TV for bringing this extremely eye-opening investigative story to the taxpayers of this community. The cost will cover the rehabilitation plus an extensive environmental review, appraisals, and construction drawings.last_img

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