first_imgThe following incidents were reported in the USC Dept. of Public Safety incident summary between Friday, April 6, and Sunday, April 9.Crimes against a personAt 12:48 a.m. on April 8, DPS officers responded to a security guard who was detaining an intoxicated student who had punched and kicked him after being denied entry to a party at the Zeta Beta Tau fraterntiy. The guard requested prosecution of the matter. The officers arrested the student and transported him to MDC for booking.At 6:59 p.m. on April 7, DPS officers responded to a non-USC male who reported that a suspect punched him in the face during an argument outside the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity. The male sustained a cut to his lip, but he declined when the officers offered to request an LAFD RA unit to provide medical treatment. He was released to seek it on his own. The suspect could not be located at the time of the report.Crimes against propertyAt 11:25 p.m. on April 6, DPS officers responded to a report of two suspects trespassing at the Theta Xi fraternity and refusing to leave the premises after being asked to do so. One of the subjects became combative when the officers attempted to detain him. The suspect punched two of DPS officers several times before being subdued. The suspect was then arrested and transported to MDC for booking. The second suspect was detained without incident and also booked at MDC.Miscellaneous incidentsAt 10:20 a.m. on April 8, a non-USC female reported that a suspect followed her around Superior Grocers and made inappropriate comments to her while she was shopping at the location. The female did not report the incident at the time it occurred and the suspect left the area before he could be questioned by store security or DPS officers.At 5:16 p.m. on April 7, the Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity was cited to Student Judicial Affairs and Community Standards for members’ uncooperative and belligerent behavior toward DPS officers who shut down a party after a full bottle of water was thrown at one of them outside the location.At 2:37 p.m. on April 7, a staff member reported that a suspect entered the women’s restroom at the Marks Tennis Stadium and attempted to look under the door of the stall that she occupied. The suspect fled when the staff member yelled at him and he could not be located during a subsequent search of the area by DPS officers.At 8:52 a.m. on April 6, a university tram driver picked up a disoriented non-USC female and dropped her off at the DPS office for assistance. The female did not know her address or phone number, but LAPD officers who responded to the scene were able to determine where she lived and transported her home.last_img read more

Miller: NBA’s offseason intrigue more riveting than regular season

first_imgKevin Durant made the cover of Sports Illustrated this month simply because he switched teams, pro basketball’s transition game again yielding in significance to its transaction game.I have to be honest, until he signed with the Lakers, Timofey Mozgov seemed about as relevant in the NBA as a Zamboni. Then, in an instant, he couldn’t have been more popular on social media had his name been Timofey Kardashian.Where players once were celebrated for breaking their opponents’ ankles, they now are recognized more for breaking their fans’ hearts.LeBron James “The Decision” is still more jarring than LeBron James “The Block,” the former also leading directly to two championships compared to only one for the latter.What these players might do in the first week of July is now undeniably titillating, particularly when compared to what they might do in the first quarter of a game in January. The TV ratings for this season’s NBA Finals were down from a year ago until Game 7 produced the highest number since Michael Jordan was making history happen for the Bulls.Yet, no one, at least based on the sheer volume being produced by various media outlets, can consume enough speculation about who’s coming, who’s going and who’s staying put.Just take Blake Griffin, who, given the rumors, is doing all three of those things and probably at the same time.Last week, the story was about the Clippers trading Griffin to Boston, perhaps at any moment. This week, the story was about Oklahoma City signing Griffin next summer to pair with Russell Westbrook.The second report ran in direct contrast to the report that had Cleveland pursuing both Griffin and Westbrook, assuming the report that had Chicago preparing to trade Taj Gibson and Nikola Mirotic for Griffin doesn’t happen first.At this rate, by the end of July, about the only team not linked to Griffin will be the Clippers, and they’re the ones who actually have him and, in all likelihood, will still have him when the 2016-17 season opens.Doc Rivers, who not only coaches the Clippers but also makes pretty much every important decision about the franchise not relating to Chuck the Condor, has made a point in the past of emphasizing his desire to keep Griffin.It is a well-reasoned stance, seeing how Griffin is really good at basketball and the Clippers are interested in remaining really good at basketball, too.According to those who know these things, the Clippers are focused on adding stars – that is the trend in the NBA, you know – not subtracting them.But, I will admit, we can’t be 100-percent certain about any of this stuff anymore, the only evidence needed being all those stories about how Durant was going to remain with the Thunder.There has been speculation about Griffin and the Clippers parting ways going back to the NBA trade deadline in February, when his potential landing spots were rumored to be Atlanta, Boston, New York and Denver.Eventually, someone is bound to be right about Griffin leaving, even baseball’s worst hitters – by which I mean everyone who has attempted to play left field for the Angels since 2014 — manage a batting average above .000.Until then, we must rely on the insight of “sources,” some of whom have insight that isn’t terribly insightful at all.I know The Oklahoman employs plenty of quality journalists. So I’m not sure why the newspaper felt the need to, in a story about Westbrook, report the following: “One source described him as ticked off about the Kevin Durant departure.”Really? No way. I’m pretty certain everyone else assumed this fact without consulting their sources. I mean, being abandoned in Oklahoma is bound to tick off anyone who, legally speaking, can’t be classified as livestock.But I don’t blame The Oklahoman for chasing every story angle when it comes to the Thunder. This is summer, after all, a time when the NBA is free to fascinate us without also burdening us with actual games.It is the greatest example yet of the proliferation of fantasy sports, reality having no place in a world where a player the quality of Blake Griffin, who once jumped over a car to dunk, can be passed around like an old trade-in.Yeah, so many of these rumors seem like long shots, but long shots sometimes do go in. Who knows? Soon enough, the longest of them could even be worth four points. No one knows basketball success quite like Phil Jackson, who can’t even wear all his NBA title rings simultaneously unless he pierces his ears with two of them and sticks the 13th through his nose.So it was notable recently when Jackson suggested the league could increase its appeal by adding a 4-point shot.Like the idea or not, you have to appreciate Jackson trying to come up with a way of making things more interesting.Frankly, these days, the NBA offseason is way more entertaining than the NBA in season; the games are helplessly definitive while the off-court possibilities are limitless – in both number and intrigue.center_img Newsroom GuidelinesNews TipsContact UsReport an Errorlast_img read more

Good results of BiH bodybuilding team at Balkan Championship

first_imgBodybuilding and fitness team of BiH made a good result at the Balkan Championship which was held in Plovdiv on 27 April, reports Fena.Seven BiH competitors, after passing the qualifications, entered the final rotation.The best score was achieved by Belmir Berberović, who won the fourth place in category physique, while Tomislav Damjanović was fifth in +75 kg category.Mirnes Husanović, Amar Sinanović, Adnan Gosto and Jasmin Hodžić were sixth with Leo Zovko and Mirza Muratović were seventh.The team was led by Mirsad Terzo who, together with Dino Muhić was the delegate of BiH Association of this meeting.Terzo said that the competition was very well organised and added that BiH team was also very good.Over 100 competitors participated at the competition, and they came from Bulgaria, Romania, Greece, Slovenia, Serbia, Macedonia and BiH.last_img read more