Galaxy Note 3 might be the cameraphablet of your dreams

first_imgLook out phablets: a recent report suggests that Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Note 3 will pack quite a competent camera underneath the hood, to the point where we’ll need to invent a new word that describes a camera-phablet (dethroning “phablet” as the silliest word in the mainstream tech world).According to the report, the upcoming Galaxy Note — everyone’s favorite enormous smartphone — will ship with a 13-megapixel camera and 3x optical zoom. The phablet will also have an anti-shake feature so those of us with an unsteady hand can snap an attractive selfie without blurring the entire shot.A Korean news site reports that the upcoming phabmera (not sure this portmanteau will stick) will also sport advanced shutter controls and optical image stabilization, helping the Galaxy Note 3 to become, as anonymous industry insiders put it, on par with “any other” digital camera.This would be a feat worth bragging about because as good as phone cameras are nowadays, the quality of image and the range of the zoom that comes from a dedicated camera still trumps almost all of them. Attempts have been made to change this, such as with Nokia’s 41MP PureView, but ultimately most people just tend to accept their smartphones’ cameras as being good enough.As any good rumor goes, the company that makes the device — in this case, Samsung — will neither confirm nor deny the existence of the new smartphone. The Galaxy Note 3 is expected to hit the market sometime this year, which is when we expect both “camblet” and “phabmera” to be a part of your everyday vocabulary. If previous years are any indication, Samsung should have some big announcements at IFA 2013, which starts at the end of August.last_img read more