PopCap announces Zombie Mode new details for PvZ Garden Warfare

first_imgThere’s been more than a few questions regarding the new Plants vs. Zombies game for the Xbox One, but maybe one of the biggest is whether or not we’ll be able to play as the zombies in this new 3D version of the epic struggle between foliage and undead. Today at Gamescom, PopCap gave us all a look at the new Zombie Mode and Boss Mode for PvZ: Garden Warfare.The new PvZ will likely take some getting used to, as you’re going from playing a top-down strategy defense game to a hands-on shooter style game with hints of strategy and defense. If EA proved anything with the launch of PvZ 2 for iOS, it’s that there’s no shortage of fans for this franchise. What we saw at E3 for this new Xbox One title was impressive enough, but the new Zombie Mode and Boss Mode make sure this title will have enough content to be considered a fully featured console title.Zombie Mode looks exactly as it sounds. You take the position of the many different characters within the zombie horde to take on the many different kinds of plants that are available in this new game. Each of the zombie characters offers weapons and abilities that are specifically designed to take on the many different characters you face on the other side of the yard.PopCap is also taking advantage of SmartGlass on the Xbox One with a Boss Mode. This game mode is a step above the single yard combat seen in the mobile game, allowing you to act as a general controlling many different forces. This new mode allows you to play with controller or touch, so you can reach in and direct combat on a larger scale. As Doctor Zomboss, you also have the ability to heal units in combat by offering them tasty brains, as well as the ability to drop bombs from above and take out dense plant groups that are causing problems.It’s exciting to see PopCap take what was initially such a simple and fun game on the PC, move to mobile with great success, and now head to the console with an all-new take on this same franchise. It’ll be very interesting to see how well this game plays when it launches. VIEW PHOTO GALLERY EngineerZombieEngineerZombieSoldierZombieAbilitiesPVZSmartGlassDoctor Zomboss SmartglasssuicidezombieSoldierZombieAllStarZombieSmartGlass PVZ modelast_img read more