Changing Aging Through Convivium

first_imgby, Kyrié Carpenter, Managing EditorTweetShare26ShareEmail26 SharesCulture change starts with people change and people change starts with community and conversation (preferably over good food!). This concept is captured by the ancient latin term “convivium.” Simply put, the pleasure of good food shared in good company is a springboard to conversation and, sometimes, action.During each stop of the Age of Disruption Tour — in which I have the honor of performing — Dr. Thomas sits down to lunch with a small group of community leaders and activist invited by AARP and local sponsors. During the lunch Dr. Thomas facilitates a conversation where all voices are heard and people begin to know each other more deeply. The theme of the lunch is “Disrupt Aging” in honor of AARP CEO JoAnn Jenkin’s signature initiative. The conversations are always thought provoking and meaningful, and personally my favorite part of each day on tour.As the conversation deepens ideas begin to emerge, diverse at first, but then like stars alighting one at a time, patterns or constellations begin to form and the bigger picture soon becomes clear.This swing the conversations were about what each of us has learned on our journey with aging, as a personal experience and from a professional standpoint. The ideas that emerged were thought provoking and paradoxical showing how much we have learned, and how much we still have to learn. How much things have changed and how much more change is called for.In honor of the process of constellating ideas, takeaways from two of the lunches are below in image form. A special thanks to Julie Sebastian for showing us the Harvest way of note taking and inspiring these pieces.Related PostsBreaking Bread and Changing AgingAs part of the Age of Disruption Tour, we host a lunch with AARP at each tour stop to have an intimate conversation with local age disrupters. We’d like to share some of the wisdom that emerges.Disrupting the Stale Youth/Age DualityHow do we challenge a Youth/Age orthodoxy that is so entrenched and so powerful and which remains, for all practical purposes, invisible?Convivium, the particular pleasure that accompanies sharing good food with the people we know wellAt its best, food nourishes us – body and soul. A meal can embody powerful symbols of love and acceptance. The bond between comfort and food, which begins at the breast, is fortified throughout childhood and gains renewed strength in the late decades of life. Properly prepared, the meals we…TweetShare26ShareEmail26 SharesTags: convivium Eat MESHlast_img read more